Emergent Task Planner

For a few years now I’ve used David Seah’s excellent Printable CEO resources, to keep track of my activity across projects. I stopped doing it a while back for some reason, but recently rediscovered them, and decided they deserved a mention, particularly the Emergent Task Planner (ETP).

ETP top section

The ETP really is great to use, and the pads you can buy from Amazon are of extremely high quality. What I like most is how much it reduces the friction of plotting how I’ve spent my day. It’s dead simple to just pick up and start using. I have found the ETP to be an invaluable asset for logging of how I spend my time between different projects.

A word of caution: the ScanTron-phobic among us may wish to look elsewhere for suitable productivity tools, as the filling in of little ovals features prominently in these. But for the frictionless capturing of task-based information in the moment, I haven’t found anything else that works nearly as well for me.