My employer was acquired this week. There has been a measure of reveling and celebrating at the office; morale is very high.

It feels good to be part of an organization that is dominating in its vertical market. I’ve certainly seen the opposite situation first-hand, whether it was due to market forces or a less-than-stellar acquisition.

Without the wounds those experiences left me with, I wouldn’t be able to savor this moment nearly as much. It’s not often that this happens. A handful times in a career, I’d guess.

The Intervening Years

Is this thing on? “Hiatus” isn’t really the best descriptor I didn’t officially take a hiatus from my own blog, since it was never much of a blog in the first place. Regardless, with no apologies or excuses, I’m going to perform a brief rewind and fast-forward to catch us up to the present. 2013 Led several responsive web front-end prototype projects. Built a SPA to run in a custom Webkit browser on resource-starved embedded systems.

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